About Us

Hello! My name is Birendra Kumar, I am a blogger.

The blog is already 3 years old! It started thanks to the saying “If you are looking for a book, but can’t find it, write it yourself!” I once needed a clear place where I could learn something more than just a recipe for cooking a dish, and that’s how my blog appeared. It all started in 2018, when I suddenly realized that my greatest passion was delicious food.

The rest, no matter what I did, gradually lost its former value and left the circle of my interests. It was then that I realized that there should be a blog about food. Firstly, I will be able to share the knowledge that I myself acquired, and, secondly, I will discipline myself. Because it’s one thing to promise to develop yourself, and another thing to a hundred people; you can’t put off your search for new knowledge.

My goal is to inspire people! If, after opening my blog, you want to cook something, go on a trip or change your life for the better, then the goal has been achieved! From the very beginning, I chose the path of “Inspiring people”, with my example, my ideas, my reviews and secrets to motivate others to try to change something in their lives. Sometimes a big new life story begins with one small recipe. In 2018, I met a company that has exactly the same mission, and also offers a quality product to its customers.

And how it all began

The idea for a blog arose more than ten years ago – then I was working in a construction company and was a little bored. I read other people’s diaries and every time I thought: “I wish I could start an interesting blog in which I can share something interesting and important.” It took me many years to come up with a topic for a blog: cycling, swimming, interior design, movies – all this could become the topic of my blog. But one thing got in the way: I understood that all these hobbies would soon bore me.
In March 2018, it literally dawned on me. I suddenly realized that I have a hobby that is impossible to give up, it does not depend on geographical location or even climate – I really like to eat! But at that time I knew absolutely nothing about food! Yes, I knew how to fry cutlets and sometimes experimented with Charlotte (I still remember that recipe). If my friends and I went to a restaurant, it seemed to me that we were abroad – I didn’t understand a single word on the menu: farfalle, pesto, bolognese, poached.

Then I decided that since I didn’t have much to say on the blog, I would talk about what I myself learned yesterday. I launched a blog in May! For example, my first post, which I prepared for about three weeks, was called “ Types of pasta .” I needed to finally defeat all these “bows”, “horns” and “flat spaghetti”. I spent a long time learning the name of each type, finding out why and with what sauce it is best to serve them – all this was my first post. Then I got sucked in! I began to remember that I was interested in a lot of everything in the world of food. Why do all American films praise pancakes (these are, like, grandma’s fatty pancakes) or why risotto is always the most expensive dish on the “Pasta” page in any restaurant. This is how new and new recipes began to appear, and along with them, useful posts.