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Asanas for Weight Loss: These 7 Yoga Poses Make You Slim

Yoga is just something to relax? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! How many calories you burn in these 7 yoga poses

More flexibility, balance, and especially the connection between body and mind – that is yoga for many. Most associate relaxation and meditative moments with it, but it is much more.

Have you ever thought about losing weight with asanas in spite of the often gentle movements and balance exercises? Yoga can be very different than just gentle. We will show you here whether and how this is possible.

Can You Really Lose Weight With Yoga?

That’s fine. Of course, you don’t use so much energy in every pose, some asanas are actually more for relaxation or other purposes.

But the fact is: Depending on the type of unit, yoga can burn 180 to 600 calories per hour. And a HIIT workout doesn’t really do more.

Which yoga helps you lose weight?

Movement is important, it should be a bit strenuous. Bikram Yoga or Power Yoga naturally burn more calories than a relaxation course.

However, the individual asanas, i.e. the yoga poses, are crucial if you are primarily concerned with losing weight. That is why we show you the 7 asanas that are best suited to burn calories properly.

Which Yoga Poses Burn the Most Calories?

Of course, the duration and intensity of the yoga session are also important if you want to lose weight through sport. But with the following 7 exercises you will definitely burn lots of calories:

01 – Plank / Board Keeping (Chaturanga)


Every little muscle is tensed in the plank

Unlike the classic plank, in which you rest on your forearms, you hold hands in Chaturanga. Nevertheless, your whole body is extremely tense and flat like aboard. Make sure that you place your hands directly under your shoulders and don’t shift the weight too far back.

To hold this position, all of the muscles in your body have to work. No wonder the plank is so effective. If you want a little more, just alternately lift your feet slightly off the mat. And of course, the longer you hold out, the more calories you burn.

2 – The Chair (Utkatasana)


The chair position strengthens the legs and makes us sweat a lot
Image source: © Soul_studio / Shutterstock

In order to get into the chair position, you have to tighten the gluteus maximus, i.e. the large gluteus muscle, as well as the thigh muscles. Because these are relatively large muscles, a correspondingly large number of calories burned.

In Utkatasana the feet are close together. Sit far back so that your bottom is at the level of your knees and you can see the tips of your feet. The arms stretched up. This also strengthens the back and shoulders and makes the whole thing even more sweaty.

The beauty of this pose: It can be carried out anywhere and very easily without a mat and even in your everyday clothes.

For the extra kick: lift your heels off the floor so that you balance on the tips of your feet. For this, the body must be completely tense. At the same time, you train your sense of balance.

3 – Stick Keeping (Chaturanga Dandasana)


Those who can keep themselves in the stick position burn a lot of calories

You need a lot of strength for this asana. As you remain in the lowest position of a push-up, your shoulders, arms, and stomach start to burn. For Chaturanga Dandasana, slowly lower your body from the plank until your shoulders and elbows are levels.

Your elbows stay close to your body all the time, so the triceps have to work properly. Your stomach and back must also be tense so that you do not fall into the hollow back.

Those who find this exercise difficult at first should practice on their knees so as not to harm their back. So you train the body tension that you need and build up a lot of strength in your arms. By the way, Chaturanga Dandasana is a real challenge even for experienced yogis.

04 – The wheel (chakrasana)

The wheel not only stretches the body, but also makes our pulse beat faster

This yoga pose requires stretching and some flexibility in the shoulders. This does not happen overnight and is therefore something for advanced users.

And: be sure to warm up beforehand! For the bike, place your hands in a supine position close to your ears and your feet up to your hips. Push yourself up with strength from your arms and legs. To open your chest and relieve your lower back, imagine pushing your torso against a wall. The entire front part of the body stretched, opened.

But it’s not just about stretching. The bike strengthens buttocks, legs, shoulders, and arms. And: As soon as many large muscle groups work, many calories burned; exactly what we want.

TIP: To find your way around this asana, practice the shoulder bridge beforehand.

5 – High lunges

The high lungs require strength and balance

You will surely know lunges or lunges from some other training sessions. Here, too, the whole body has to participate – especially the inner and outer thigh muscles.

What makes this position so popular: It is a very invigorating pose that also demands your balance since the rear wheel released from the floor. This exhausting and means for us: more calories that are burned.

The front knee bent at a 90-degree angle, the back leg is tight. This not only gives you stability but also makes the whole thing pretty sweaty. The arms stretched up and tense. So you straighten your upper body and strengthen your back, shoulders, and arms at the same time. An extra point for calorie consumption.

06 – The Dolphin

The dolphin particularly strengthens the arm and shoulder area

The dolphin looks similar to the looking down dog, except that the forearms lie completely on the mat. That alone really exhausting because your weight shifted to your arms. To tease even more out of this asana, you can play with it wonderfully.

Shift your weight from the back to the front so that you push yourself from the starting position into forearm support. Repeat this a couple of times. You will see how quickly you start to sweat. By the way: This exercise prepares you optimally for all reversed postures, such as the head, hand, or forearm stand.

7 – The Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar)

The sun salutation activates all muscles and warms up the body optimally

The sun salutation is a traditional sequence of exercises consisting of many strengthening asanas such as the plank or stick. Since all muscles stressed, it warms up the body super and prepares you optimally for your training.

Start slowly. Gradually increase the intensity, for example by jumping into the plank from the bend. After a few repetitions, you will notice how your muscles work.

The targeted movements and the change between opening and closing positions activate the nervous system and get the blood circulation going.

The good thing about it: All muscles really strained from the stomach, bottom, calves, shoulders, biceps, and triceps. And for the extra energy kick: inhale with the open poses and exhale with the closing exercises. This will help you get into the flow.

TIP: To make the exercises even more intensive, always keep your stomach tense (with the exception of the bike). Imagine pulling your navel towards your spine. A nice side effect: the torso tension gives you additional stability.

As you can see, yoga is not just rest and relaxation, but also your perfect weight loss program. With the 7 yoga poses from our article you burn a lot of calories. So: off to the mat – and off you go!

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