Birth to 6 Months :

Babies listen since day one, they learn to associate sounds with their sources, their first communication will be crying, but they will soon begin to use their tongue, lips, and palate to make gurgles and vowel sounds such as “oo,” “aa,” and “ee” precursors to baby’s first words (Baby Talk).

What a Baby Can Understand

a baby
a baby

Four-week-old babies can distinguish syllables similar to “ma” and “na”.

From 4 to 6 Months:

You can hear consonant words like g and k, and you can hear lip sounds like m, w, p and B. Help break the record.

What  Your  Baby Can Comprehend:

Up to six months 4-1 / 2 months, maybe he knows your name, but when he finds that her name is mentioned in the shortest, “Hello! Really on his own.

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7 to 12 Months :

1 year old baby
1 year old baby

His babbling will begin to sound more like words (Baby Talk). He deliberately repeats the Sound (like “Gaga”) over and over again. About nine months later, he begins to understand Gestures and points to what he wants. Even if he uses his invented language, he will have more control in about 10 months and begin to combine sounds further. The real words are often seen by 12 months. The first word is a greeting (“hi” or “bye-bye”). Or maybe it will be very specific. People (“I, I”, “da, da”), animals (“dog”, “kitten”), food (“cookie”, “juice”, “milk”).

What Your Baby Can Understand:

Your Baby will slowly begin to recognize and understand some familiar words and things like our names and everyday things like bottles and cradles.

13 to 17 Months :

Just after your baby gets out his first word, he will try for more. The vocabulary initially grows slowly, only a few words a month. The children seem to like the name first and then gradually add verbs and adjectives. He will begin with one-word questions, such as: “Cookie?” – “May I have a cookie?” and saying: “No”.

What Your Child Can Understand

baby standing bu his own

He must understand the basics of grammar. ex, the difference between “a little man with a dog and a small dog with a man”.

18-24 Months :

Although linguists are not sure why toddlers between 18 to 20 months have a language explosion (Baby Talk).After a long time of slow progress, they unexpectedly start to learn words very fast. When your toddler is 2 years old, He will be stringing three or even four words together in sentences. It is also an age of cute error in which children exaggerate and refine their thoughts. For example, your kid may learn that the round toy is a ball, He will think all round things must be balls and point to the full moon, and say Ball.

What Your Toddler Can Understand:

baby girl smiling
baby girl smiling

He will begin to understand the idea of verbs slowly, Completely aware that you are his key to language, he will keep an eye on you, absorbing whatever you say and do.

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25 to 30 Months :

Besides what he’s learned so far, He adds words such as: Why? Where?, He begins to add complex ideas, learning that “no” maybe mean “not” or “don’t”. Later on, he may begin to use more abstract verbs such as guess.

What Your Kid Can Understand:

You begin to understand tenses, plurals, and suffixes like “ing” and “ly”. In third grade, your child should be using two sentences with two words, such as “drink milk” and “Play Ball”.

Children mostly need more interaction and response to gain language. A lot of TV shows don’t interact, and computer games are not responsive to your baby’s ideas.

We will be glad if you share with us how your baby started to talk and communicate since the first months.

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