Drinking Ice Water For Weight Loss

Fast Burn Calories, Do you know that drinking iced water does help you lose weight, and today we are going to help you understand that and we will try to teach you what is the right way of drinking water so you get the right benefits. When we drink chilled water our body needs energy to bring warmth in water and our body burn calories to get that energy and when we use chilled water it can actually kill any kind of cravings, your taste buds get numb immediately and your brain feels that you ate what you were craved for, it is one of the best ways to treat slow metabolism and it can make it faster and increase the rate of metabolism.

Drinking Ice

While it does lots of good things and while it makes our body to lose calories and make our metabolism to run faster, the biggest advantage of chilled water is you actually don’t eat a single calorie which means we lose net weight, Fast Burn Calories and get nothing, If you want to lose weight with that method then you need to learn the proper way, although things response vary from body to an individual to individual, but on regular basis you can say that if you drink half a liter of ice cold water, that will burn 18500 calories an if you add some activities in that too like if you are running and if you are skipping and drinking chilled water then you can add 20 calories on per ten skipping.

Now you need to see what can make it more effective, if you are adding two tea bags in your bottle of black tea then you will make your body to get rid of water retaining too and while you are taking water at the same time  which make things running faster and you will lose water weight too so you are drinking chilled water and your body use energy to get on normal temperature an at the same time you add caffeine in it and that will help your body to lose water retention so you are safe and your system is working on highest level.

Now I will tell you the way you should drink water, it is good that you are drinking while running or walking, but if you are at home then take your glass of chilled water and sit down, never drink while you are stand up cause that will give you lower belly or balloon belly, now take a small sip and then after 30 seconds take a bigger sip and then drink it all and enjoy all the healthy benefits of water.

Vegetarian Diet Plan For Reducing Weight

Vegetarian diet plan for reducing weight, Normally I don’t like none fat diet plans carouse you don’t get healthy fats and good fats from good source and start feeling weak, but if you are vegetarian then you have no way out, so let’s talk about it.

I will give you a rough idea for your breakfast, lunch diner and snakes, but you can maintain it according to your own wishes for breakfast you can have 2 glasses of wine, you can eat 48g chocolate bar, milk chocolate preferably 70g slice of cake, three olives, or one apple or any healthy diet fruit with one glass skimmed milk or a glass fresh juice of any citric fruit, if you are planning something cooked in the morning the try grilled mushrooms small cup, grilled tomatoes with bio yoghurt or stewed prunes.

Vegetarian Diet

In lunch you can have a bowl full with green salads and few pieces of cheese, or you can add some olives too , you can try low-fat fromager frais, sliced apple and you can try fruits, but only one fruit a day if you are eating cooked food, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries handful too.

During the time of lunch and dinner take some kind of snakes, like Weetaflakes, banana or any kind of barriers or anything that has total calories of 200 and vegetarian diet plan for reducing weight that’s it.

In diner preferably take some kind of vegetarian diet plan for reducing weight, of any diet vegetable or leaf or any kind of thin crust pie and rest you can rearrange, but try to take something that has less parts of digesting and if you are on some drastic weight lose then try small part of cooked vegetarian diet plan for reducing weight with smallest slice of diner roll.

Drink three cups of green tea and 8 glasses of water, when you feel empty or tempting eat cherry tomatoes or small portion of yogurt or drink one glass of water if you get temptation of sweetness eat uncooked half teaspoon plain white sugar that will make your temptation go away.

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