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6 Fitness Exercises For The Beach, Pool And Sun Lounger

Fitness Sport on vacation? Sure, why not when things are as relaxed as here. These 6 exercises keep you fit between sunbathing and splashing around

Finally vacation, finally relax at the beach and enjoy the longed-out. No stress, no appointments, no program other than relaxing and enjoying.

But wait, is 3 to 4 training sessions per week normal for you? Are you also fully active after work or at the weekend? Then you should definitely do at least a few training sessions on vacation – your body will thank you.

Why does training make sense on vacation?

On holiday, all the stress of the busy everyday life is released. This is exactly where you should support your body and make it sweat. No, this is not a contradiction! The training demonstrably helps to reduce stress and ensures a particularly relaxed feeling and a lot of relaxation.

In addition, hand on heart, you usually do not eat particularly healthy on vacation and drink more alcohol than usual. Another reason to keep your body fit and do some sport. It doesn’t have to be as much as usual.

What sport should I do on vacation?

There is a lot to offer: jogging on the beach, beach volleyball or perhaps courses offered by the hotel. But even if these options don’t exist or you don’t feel like it, you can maintain your fitness level with minimal effort.

Our workout is perfectly adapted to a beach holiday and is done in less than 15 minutes. With these exercises, every beach day gets a fitness bonus.

Workout for the vacation: 6 exercises for the beach chair

So that your workout is a complete success, but you do not lose any valuable time on the beach or pool, we have 6 exercises for you, which you can do directly on the sun lounger, on the beach, and in the water. So no excuses, let’s go!

1 – Towel stretch

The perfect warm-up: A stretch loosens and brings flexibility – in this case also a strength for the trunk. Because the stomach must be tight at all times so that the lower back remains stable on the floor.

Towel stretch

Warms up for a Holiday Workout: towel stretch.

How it works: Supine position, stretch both legs away from the body. Grab a towel on both ends. Now lift your right leg off the floor and stretch it towards the sky. Place the towel around the sole of your foot and pull your foot towards your body. The left leg, shoulders and lower back remain in contact with the ground, by tightening the belly.

Breathe relaxed and hold the position for 30 seconds. Then repeat with the other leg.

2 – Hop and Hold

The beach is not just for lying down! This jumping exercise uses the sandy bumps. Due to the resulting instability, your body has to work against it, the trunk does an enormous amount of work, and the thighs are also challenged in bright sunshine.

Hop and Hold

For body tension and leg power: hop and hold.

This is how it works: From a shoulder-wide position to the deep squat position: bottom deep, hold your upper body upright. Now take a big leap forward and land on your right leg. Leave the center of gravity low, balance with body tension. Hold for 2 seconds. Jump forward from the right leg as far as possible and land on the left leg. Hold in a crouch.

Continue until each leg has 10 hops. Pause briefly, then 2 more rounds.

3 – Underwater steps

Jump in, cool off and push your pulse: the water in the pool offers 12 times more resistance and lets you burn twice as many calories as you do on land. Power is required from your legs and your heart is working at full speed – a super tight combination.

Underwater steps

Bring endurance and power: underwater steps.

Here’s how it works: Get into a lunge position in waist-deep water by taking a big step forward with your right leg. The knees each form a 90-degree angle, the arms swing with them in the running position. Now jump up at lightning speed, switch legs and land with your left foot in front.

Jump forward explosively – for a total of 20 repetitions, then pause briefly and do 2 more sets.

4 – Hand Cycles

The beach also has a fitness factor: Exercises in the sand are proven to be 2.4 times more strenuous than on the level, firm ground. So it is worth putting extra effort into the arms, shoulders, and torso on the beach.

Hand Cycles

Strengthens arms, shoulders and torso: hand circulation.

Here’s how: Take a push-up position in the sand. Raise your feet about waist-width and leave them stable, only the arms move: move the left arm far to the left, the right pulls. Pull the navel towards the spine, keep the abdomen and torso under tension, and keep the hips low. Continue until a circle is completed.

Now make another circle counterclockwise and do a total of 6 rounds. A break of 20 seconds is allowed after each round before starting again.

5 – Leg paddle

Back to the pool please! No, not just for cooling off, off to the pool edge. Hold the trunk upright against the pool wall, the inside and outside of the legs fight against water resistance.

Here’s how it works: lean your back against the edge of the pool, arms and hands leaning on the pool edge. Now stretch your legs straight forward and tighten the tips of your feet. Hold the 90-degree angle in the pelvis by tightening the belly. Hold both legs in the extension and bring them far out in one guided movement.

The leg Holds opening for 30 seconds, not losing the torso tension. Then slowly close your legs again and leave them stretched in front of your body for another 30 seconds. Hold each position 4 times.

6 – Backing

With this exercise you don’t even have to get up from your couch. The move targets the entire shoulder area and the back extension.


Strengthens the shoulders and the back extension: support.

Here’s how: Lie prone on a sun lounger, look down and hold your head in line with the spine. Place your hands on your lower back, the inner surfaces facing the sky. Tighten your bottom firmly. Keep your arms stretched and lead forward in a wide arc to the full extent of your body.

Rotate your hands so that your palms are facing the floor. Arms stretched at all times and always parallel to the floor, then back to the bottom. Do 15 reps and a total of 3 rounds.

With this mini-workout, you will not only stay fit on vacation but also really relaxed afterward and start your day with a good feeling. And all this with just a few exercises directly from the sun lounger or the pool.

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