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Flat Stomach: These Six Fitness Exercises Bring A Lot

Flat Stomach These Six Fitness Exercises Bring A Lot

This summer you want her – the perfect beach body. But unfortunately you have to fight with a small tummy – and we do not mean just a food baby.

We know what to do and show you six super-effective fitness exercises that will give you a flat, firm stomach in record time.

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Six Exercises For A Flat And Firm Stomach

1. Hip Lift

The Hip Lift is one of the best exercises for a flat stomach. In addition, the workout tightens the butt and the backs of the legs. Win-win-win, then!

Hip Lift

That’s how it’s done:

You lie on your back and raise your legs hip-width. Your arms are very loose next to your body, the palms press against the ground.

Now lift your hips until your thighs and back are straight. Keep it short (while tensing your butt and abdominal muscles) and lower your hips again when inhaling. Important: The hips must not touch the ground.

Perform 3 Passes Of 20 Units Each.

2. Sit-ups

With sit-ups, also called crunches, you train the entire abdominal muscles. In this exercise, especially the straight abdominal muscle is trained, but also the lower and oblique abdominal muscles get their money.

That’s How It’s Done

Lie on your back and bend your legs. Hold your hands at the temples or place them behind your head. The elbows point outwards, the view is upwards.

Now use the abdominal muscles to lift the upper back, including the shoulder blades, until the upper body and thighs reach a 90-degree angle. Hold this position for a few seconds and then return to the home position.

It is best to repeat the exercise 20 times in each round.

3. Leg Lifts

The Leg Lifts, also known as Leg Lifts, are perfect for training the lower abdominal muscles.

That’s How It’s Done:

For the leg lifts, you lie on your back. Keep your legs straight until they are vertical. Tighten your abdominal muscles and make sure your lower back touches the floor. Your shoulder blades should also be on the floor and your neck should not be tense.

Now lower your legs slowly down without putting them on. Keep tension while exhaling.

Stop at the lowest point and then raise your legs back into the vertical.

Repeat the exercise 15 times per round.

4. Bike Crunch

Like the sit-ups, the crunches are a true miracle weapon for a firm stomach. Especially the bike crunches are perfect to train the deeper muscles and get rid of stubborn belly fat.

How it’s:

Lay down on your back. The legs are at a 90-degree angle in the air.

Now turn up the left and right shoulders obliquely upwards. The leg of the opposite side moves in the direction of the upper body and elbows – just as if you were riding a bike while lying down.

Repeat This Exercise 15 Times Per Side Or Leg.

5. Vertical Leg Crunches

The Vertical Leg Crunches can also help you get a six pack in record time.

How it’s:

For the leg crunches, lie back on your back and raise your stretched legs and torso. Bring your toes and hands together in the air (like a folding knife). Hold briefly, then lower your arms and legs again.

Repeat this exercise 15 times in 3 passes. For faster results, you can still take weights.

6. Flutter Kicks

Last but not least: The Flutter kicks for a flat stomach.

How it’s:

For the Flutter Kicks, you’re lying on your back. The legs are stretched; the arms are next to the body.

Now lift up the stretched legs and lower them again – but only so far that the legs do not touch the ground.

Make sure your lower back is in contact with the floor throughout the exercises.

Three sets of 25 kicks ensure great abdominal muscles.

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