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Get Fit & Healthy Naturally

Get Fit & Healthy Naturally

Today we are going to talk about some simple lifestyle tips which will not only help you get better life, but will help you get perfect looking body and beautiful personality too. Get Fit & Healthy Naturally

Eating Healthily: 

I always say that don’t diet, eat smartly, I am not saying that you can eat all the cakes and cookies you like, am just saying that you can eat all the jellies and jams, you have to see what is actually smart eating, you can eat all fruits and all the vegetables, you just not allow to eat too much sweets and baked things, eat lots of whole grains, fruits, try to eat apple and a cup of berries everyday if you are not sure what to eat, plentiful servings of vegetables and you can eat all the vegetables in moderation, but you can eat greens and sharp colored vegetables as much as you like , protein and for that you can try lean chicken, eggs, fish, or fruit protein shakes and you can try oats and other grains for proteins too, calcium in the form of yogurt, milk, or milk substitutes  and eat in very small portions, If you are new in my 6 in a meal world then let me tell you that eat a portion that you can hide in your hand, a palm size food is very good for you and eat after every 2-3 hours and I am not saying that make a plate and sit on table and eat it, take an apple and eat it, take hand full of mix nuts and munch on it, be smart and eat healthy.

Eat Salads:

yes greens are great and try to learn different and yummy salads since they are a very great way to get in your servings of vegetables and I always say that make a pot of soup and bowl of salad every day and eat soup before diner as a super and eat salad as a third meal of the day, and if you don’t have time for lunch then just add some fish or some chicken and add some tofu and some olive oil dressing and you will be ready to eat a perfect meal.

When you crave of something, eat it, don’t  eat too much, but go ahead and take a bit and enjoy that bite completely, let each and every nerve or your system enjoy that bit and then just get up and do something productive and interesting and don’t think about that thing at all, drink water and let your brain know that you are stronger than your craving and don’t let it fail you.

 Exercising Regularly:

No matter how busy you are and no matter how impossible whether it is, fix a time and then never change it no matter what, go out in an open and clean place, some ground or some jogging tracks and rub, jog, skipping and do some yoga and whatever you pick to stay healthy and stay healthy, and burn all the calories you eat and some more before going to bed.

Never ever drink a single calorie in your drink, and drink a lot of water, stay hydrated and stay with natural things, no spring or still water, just plain and natural water and sleep well.

Get Fit & Healthy Naturally
Get Fit & Healthy Naturally

Susan F. McClain

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Fitness Tips & Workout Tips