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Health and Fitness Tips For Teenagers

Health and Fitness Tips For Teenagers

Teenage is the most critical age in your life .Young girls and boys has their opinion about life which conflicts from their parents.  The age group 13 -19, is the most perilous time for them to learn to eat right and look after their bodies with the respect. Young girls are often obsessed about being `perfect` and make all desperate attempts to grow into their own skin and feel beautiful.

First step up and face the situation or problem you are involved in. Stop worrying about little things and focus on a proper plan. Why ask yourself, “Am I fat?” ask “Am I fit?”  And consider that, “Am I healthy and in shape?” If not, that`s what you should be strident for.

You cannot neglect carbohydrates or carbs as they are part of a healthy diet. They are essential for your brain. Carbs are the elite fuel for your brain. Keep a check on how much you eat. It is as significant as what you eat.

Health and Fitness Tips

Never skip your breakfast. Teenager think that avoiding one time meal especially breakfast will help them losing their weight, which is a common mistake. Eating breakfast increases digestion for the day.

Avoid fizzy drinks; they can cause lumpiness and bloating. Avoid diet drinks also. Avoid synthetic treated foods and sweeteners as they could make you want for more sweets.

Divide your meal into different portions. It`s healthier to eat three average-sized meals and eat small size meals throughout the day after every 2 hours to keep your body running smoothly.

This will make sure you`re getting the right nutrients at the right time. Never eat big meals at the end of the day, and try to stop eating at 8:00 p.m.

Exercise is the most important to your diet and your health. Working out regularly will reduce body fat, increase your energy level.

Regular workout will make your skin spark, and release endorphin.

Try to wake up early. It has a wonderful effect on your skin and body.

Morning walk is necessary for healthy and beautiful body. Especially those who are very protective about their physique must jog on daily bases, Health and Fitness Tips.

Cardio:- Instead of just doing exercise on the treadmill, do short burst of sprints.

Warm up First:- For 5 minutes or until you feel the body get a bit sweaty. Then increase the speed to go as fast as you are able to for 20 seconds. Take 20 second break and then repeat your 20 second sprint. Do this for 6 minutes and up to 12 minutes

Health and Fitness Tips For Teenagers
Health and Fitness Tips For Teenagers

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