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Home Remedies Simple Health Tips

Home Remedies Simple Health Tips

Health is an important blessing of Allah. People never understand the importance of health until they suffer from some minor illness. When you sense a sore throat coming on, raid your pantry instead of your medicine cabinet to prepare reasonable all-natural remedies that really work.

Simple Health Tips

Honey Mixture:

Add a half-cup of honey in a half-cup of water. Add one whole sliced onion and one sliced clove of garlic. Add a drop of sage, and allow to steep overnight at room temperature. Rinse and use the liquid as a cough syrup. Honey, onion and garlic are all naturally antimicrobial. Honey also relaxes the cough impulse and soothes the throat.

Castor Oil:

Take a half a cup of cold pressed castor oil. Crush one or two pieces of garlic and stir them into the oil. Add a tablespoon of freshly peeved ginger, three or four drops of eucalyptus oil and about half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper. Rub on chest. Castor oil is well enthralled by the body and helps to increase circulation, which arouses our resistant reaction. The ginger and cayenne pepper also help warm the body, rouse circulation and dilute mucus.


It is a great breath freshener and prevailing antibacterial. It can also do a number on blisters. It’s a simple procedure, moisten a cotton ball with Listerine and drop it on your blister 3 times a day until the area dries out and no longer hurts This is a perfect remedy & Simple Health Tips.

High Blood Pressure:

Music is a beautiful and simple remedy for tension and high or low blood pressure. Its help you relax your tensed muscles and make your free from any kind of trouble. Thirty minutes of the right tunes every day can help lower blood pressure. People on a medication for hypertension further lowered their blood pressure after they listened to music while breathing slowly & Simple Health Tips.

Whiter Teeth:

Crispy fruits and vegetables act as little toothbrushes when you chew them; they have a natural cleaning action that works on tooth coating to remove stains. In precise, apples have a tender malic acid that also helps dissolve stains.

Urinary Tract Infections

When the signs of this disease start showing, make a solution with ¼ teaspoon of baking soda mixed in 8 ounces of water and drink it regularly. Continue this once a day until you can get a proper prescription at a doctor’s office and start antibiotics. Baking soda makes the bladder environment more alkaline, which decreases bacteria’s capability to reproduce.

Home Remedies Simple Health Tips
Home Remedies Simple Health Tips

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