How to boost your metabolism and lose weight

How to boost your metabolism you ever thought that when you are other siblings or yours are eating the same food and same kind of foods then why they look different than you does? Well the main reason is your metabolism, if your metabolism run faster than vice versa their then you would look slimmer and they would look fatter vice versa so let s see if we can make your metabolism fast to get perfect body and healthy looks.

Eat Breakfast

How to boost your metabolism, one of the very famous and very ancient tricks to lose weight is eating your breakfast, eat something as soon as possible and that will make your metabolism start work, if you don’t eat anything at all then you internationally make your metabolism slowdown and this will not only keep sleepy in the morning, but it will stay sleepy throughout the day and if you keep this thing as your routine then no matter what you do, you cannot make your metabolism start work the way you , so eat something even before your morning walk, am not saying that you should eat a big breakfast, just eat something that require a digesting.

Eat Bigger Food During The Day

I have a very beautiful golden rule and that is if you want to eat food, then eat before sunset or during the day and after that you can eat fruit or snakes if you want, but don’t eat food after that cause when you finish your day you just sit down and whatever you eat will stay in your stomach and that is the last thing we want, you should eat your last food 4-6 hours before your bedtime and if you have missed that then try to eat something liquid to fill your stomach and go to sleep, but don’t eat food cause this is the most wrong time for food.

How to Boost Your Metabolism & Don’t starve

Never ever play with your huger and your food, if you want metabolism to work properly then you got to treat it well and appropriately, don’t starve yourself, if you really want to lose weight then you can play mind game with your metabolism and drop the calories improve your activities and burn more then you eat, but you got to eat at least 1000 calories and you will see that you will lose weight gradually.

Stop Munching

How to boost your metabolism have a habit of munching throughout the day then you are going to get more weight and this is the worst thing that you can do to your body, if you cannot control your munching the try to start eating something healthy options like carrot, cucumber, or something like that, but the best thing is stop eating between meals.

Burn What You Eat

I am not saying that start eating burned food and that will help you lose weight & How to boost your metabolism saying that burin all the calories you eat and more, if you are eating 1000 calories a day then try to burn at least 1200 and if you could burn more than it would be great, but at least burn 1200 and you will see that you will start losing weight eventually, but I am not saying that you need to starve yourself for that, you can eat anything, but in moderation.

So if you try all these steps and tips you can Boost your metabolism and lose weight without more medicines etc.

5 Fruits For a Healthier Complexion

Fruits are one of the countless blessings Nature has endowed upon the human. The powerful ingredients they contain help boosting our resistance power and thus help us stay fit and fine always.

Moreover, regular consumption of seasonal fruits has many positive impacts on our skin as well. They also act as natural remedies for several skin conditions like breakouts. Described below is a brief account of some of the fruits essential for a healthy skin.

Healthier Complexion


Cherry happens to be naturally loaded with Vitamin A & C plus Iron and thus is considered very beneficial for your skin. if you’re struggling with pesky freckles or wrinkles or you simply want to improve the complexion, fresh cherry juice may be the thing you need. Otherwise, you can also try out skincare products including cherry as an ingredient to ward off the signs of aging and getting a radiant skin tone.


Infused with antioxidant properties, pomegranate is another natural ingredient highly advantageous for human skin. it contains gallogen, which offer your skin shield against harmful environmental factor like sunrays and pollution etc. So, do incorporate pomegranate in your routine diet to make your skin cells immune enough to resist the environmental damage.


Whenever it comes to skin, health or hair care, the significance of raw olive as well as olive oil is just undeniable. Among the countless benefits of olive for the skin is that it helps rendering you a rosy complexion plus protects your skin against environmental pollution.


Apple has innate antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties and thus apple juice is considered a recognized remedy for wrinkly, itchy, cracked and inflammatory skin, Moreover, it has great skin-healing properties and can be used as a skin-toner and conditioner. Additionally, down to presence of pectin, apple also helps you drive the acne away.



And last but certainly not the least, Grapes! Gapes are pecked with grape polyphenols, citric-acid, vitamin B3 and other vital nutrients for a healthier skin. Grape polyphenols help hold back the aging process, citric acid keeps the skin soft and moisturized whereas vitamin B3 and other nutrients promote the regeneration of new skin cells.

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