How to Lose Post-Partum Belly Fat?

Pregnancy is such a special time in every woman’s life. But the body shaming that comes after it can sometimes leave you depressed rather than just pure joyous on your baby’s birth.

Fear not! In the article, we will discuss ways to lose belly fat after giving birth to your precious baby so you can not only enjoy being a mother but also thrive in the joy of getting your body back into shape.

How to Lose Post-Partum Belly Fat

Now before we begin listing all the various ways you can lose that belly fat remember to take it easy for a few weeks right after you have given birth. Recommended time by the doctors is 6-8 weeks. During that time let your body heal naturally and your uterus get back to its normal size. After that, you can definitely use any or all of the tips to get rid of that belly pouch.

1) Breastfeeding: It is not only beneficial for your baby but also for you in the sense that it helps you lose fat and burn calories. It also helps your uterus to go back to its normal size.

2) Exercising: Exercise is one of the best ways to lose fat. Try not to go for extreme exercising rather take it slowly and use only those workout routines that are recommended to you by your doctor.

3) Dieting: This method also requires your doctor’s approval and a meal plan provided to you by a certified nutritionist.  Since you are not only responsible for your health but your baby’s as well, try to stay away from a harsh or strict diet plan. Eat healthily and consume only the caloric amount necessary for your body to function properly while losing weight.

4) Belly-Wrapping: Belly wraps or more commonly known as maternity belts are a great way to reduce belly fat while also toning your belly muscles. They are available in stores but if you don’t have one handy try using the softest fabric that you can find in your house and wrap it around your belly so that it’s snug but not too tight. The belly wrap will also help you with back pain.

5) Walking: Most fitness experts would suggest you just go for a daily walk with your newborn rather than any extreme workout plans. Take it slower for a few days before turning it into jogging and running.

6) Resting: This can get sidelined because newborns need a lot of care and attention but so do you. Take as much time as available to rest up and let your body heal faster. The faster it heals the more it will get back to its original shape and size.

7) Yoga or Meditation: There are so many yoga poses designed specifically for losing belly fat. Again, remember to consult your doctor before you try any of those.

8) Body Massage: Aim for a massage therapist who is a professional in this area and book a belly massage for yourself. Massages make you sweat out thus helping you burn calories.

9) Eliminate stress: Post-partum can be a stressful time especially for first-time moms. Just take it easy for a couple of months to keep you and your baby happy. One of the best methods to relieve stress is yoga.

10) Green Tea: Green Tea is known for its weight loss effect because it increases metabolism which in turn will aid you in your weight loss. Opt for cinnamon green tea and wait to see the results.

11) Cabbage: Cabbage is a fiber-rich food. It will improve your gut health thereby causing easier digestion and nutrient absorption. This will help you greatly in reducing belly fat.

12) Eat Healthy:
 Refrain from eating junk foods, foods with artificial sugars, fried foods, or too much-dried fruit as all these are just full of calories waiting to turn into body fat.

13) Hydration: Keep your body hydrated as it goes through all the changes. Try drinking warm water more and if you feel the need add lemon or lemon and honey together to water as it is known to help with weight loss.

Most importantly, have patience. Your body has gone through a ton of changes in a short amount of time so don’t be hard on yourself.

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