How to lose weight fast with exercise?

There are lots of easy and simple exercises that you can do at home instead of going to the gym. In fact, these simple weight loss exercises work better than the gym. You can shake your metabolism out of idle mode and get in action. Keep your workouts short specifically when you’re starting. Due to this your will not try to skip the session.

For Beginner workout:

Start with 5 minutes of brisk walk

5 minutes of pushups and lunges

Again 5 minutes of brisk walk

You don’t have to change your clothes as this won’t let you sweat too much and there isn’t any need for equipment. You can do this simple exercise three times a day.

For Regular workout:

This plan is designed for those people who are already doing a workout, this plan is going to fasten your weight loss program.

You can go for 30-40 minutes of daily enjoyable activity by starting with a brisk walk. You can add biking or run with your ongoing exercises. This plan definitely increases the level of your activity without adding stress to your joints. In this way, you can burn more calories without doing harsh and rough exercises in the gym.


One more exciting exercise is swimming that is supposed to burn enormous calories in a little time. You can burn around 800 calories in an hour which is amazingly superb and this exercise also helps you out in relieving joint pains.


Another friendly weight loss workout that impressively burns lots of calories and it’s a group activity that can be a healthy activity you can do in groups. There is a chance of burning more than 600 calories in an hour. You can tone your leg muscles.


If you want to slim your chest, core, and legs at the same time, just stand with your feet and push your hips back with bent knees and squat down. Jump your feet forward and backward and jump back softly. Repeat 8-10 times and complete it in 3 seats.

Jump a Rope:

This is a total body toner developed for weight loss with fun. You can start with 1 minute of jumping and slowly take it to 5 minutes of jumping daily. You will see a prominent difference in your weight and shape at the same time.

These are a few exercises that you can do yourself without the help of any instructor or going to the gym. If you can join a gym it would be a different thing, you will get a proper diet plan with different equipment exercises which is good. But doing exercises on your own is a good initiative but do remember, before starting any exercise just go for a warm-up.

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