I Tried the ProLon Fasting Diet


I am a workaholic, working as marketing manager, I remain busy. I usually don’t have the time to eat, which has badly affected my health. Earlier when I started as work, I was young and energetic, I didn’t care for diet, as coming from downtown, my passion was to work more and eat more to achieve a suitable status in the society. But with the time, I came to know that you cannot compromise one thing, and that is diet.

Now, I am at that stage where I thought I cannot do it. But I was amazed when I buy a ProLon diet plan. After that, I am feeling that I am young again, feeling energetic and can work again up to my abilities.

The Small Box with Lasting Benefits

The ProLon FMD program food provides some calorie – 1100 calories on day 1, then 800 calories daily from days 2–5. Basically it’s a plant based diet, low on protein, fats, with a minimal amount of carbohydrates. This diet tricks the body into believing it is in a fasting state without the discomfort of true fasting.

Day 1

When I opened the little box of ProLon FMD 5-day plan, I was surprised and I promised myself I have to do it. On day 1 I had a small bar in the morning. After that, I had a soup for lunch, which was surprisingly tasty, and the kale crackers as well. Then I drank water till I had soup again for dinner at 8 PM, after that at 10 PM I feel very hungry but I reminded myself that I have to follow the plan. After I while, but I kept on reminding as it was the first day then somehow I convinced myself and then I sleep.

Day 2

On day 2, I started my day with Prolon tea but it wasn’t until an hour later that I started feeling hungry, so I had my breakfast. Prolon recommends that while on this program, avoid strong exercises.  After a while, I felt slightly hungry throughout the day. Then in lunch I had a Mushroom Soup Olives, then at dinner time I had a Minestrone Soup, L-Bar NR-3 Capsule (1).

Day 3

I started the day with the L-Bar nut based Tea, then I went to office, there I just had water till the lunchtime. At lunch, Tomato Soup with some Crackers and NR-3 1 capsule.  At after noon I just had a tea then at dinner I took Quinoa Mix Soup, L- Bar (Choco-chips) L-Bar NR-3 Capsule (1) and then L-drink.

Day 4

I slept well and woke up feeling refreshed and ready to go. No hunger, no cravings. Overall I felt more energetic today with better mental focus. Started the day with Tea, then vegetarian soup then at afternoon I had olives and some tea. Then in evening I took nothing just drank some water after that I had Quinoa Mix Soup, L- Bar (Choco-chips) L-Bar NR-3 Capsule (1) and then L-drink.

Day 5

Finally, day five, now I am feeling much better, feeling fresh and great with no side effects.  The nutrients have been precisely researched and include meals of plant-based whole foods like nuts, olives, teas, and soup mixes. Overall the food in the FMD program comprises about 60% of calories from fats, 10% from protein, and 30% from complex carbohydrates.

Then day started generally with Tea, then at lunchtime, I had some Tomato Soup crackers and NR-3 Capsule (1), I follow the same routine rest of my day then at dinner, I took Quinoa Mix Soup, Bar NR-3 Capsule (1) and then L-drink.

Overall, I had very good energy during the FMD. The diet supports my overall health goals. It was very much a learning experience and was much easier to get through than I had anticipated. The most difficult part was finding 5 days where I could limit any exercise.  I was most happy with the FMD’s effects on my glucose and ketone levels.

Well, for me ideally, the FMD is supposed to be done over a period of several cycles (5 days of fasting followed by 25 days of regular diet). Thus, I plan on repeating the FMD in 45-60 days.

The Fasting Mimicking Diet, the 5-day plan has changed my life completely. The box is small, but the results are amazing. The most interesting and amazing thing is that I lost my weight up to 9 pounds and Waist-to 2 inches. I didn’t believe it until I measured my weight and I did it again and again and again. It’s simply wow, moreover, the diet helps me to stabilize my blood and cholesterol level without any side effects.

It’s organic, real food, low calories and help me to maintain my health metabolically, so what else I need. That’s why I am using ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet plan

The plan is easy, affordable and with amazing effects. With this Prolon diet plan, I feeling positive and enjoying my work as well. I have used it, planning to use the plan again and I am recommending it.

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