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13 Things That Only Those Who Do Kickboxing Can Understand

Kicks, uppercuts, low-kicks, hooks, frontal kicks … In a kickboxing lesson, we go out of their way to spend! Just like French boxing or Thai boxing, kickboxing allows both kicks and punches to challenge the opponent. This may involve ridiculous episodes of lack of coordination, of course, but also great moments of sporting pleasures! Here are 13 things that only kickboxers can understand.

Know what it’s like to be REALLY tired.

The intense training of the boxers is not a myth. After you have a jump rope, abs, cladding exercises and pumps like in the army, you look at the time and find that the course started only 30 minutes ago and that you still have not donned gloves.

When you go home with your back and arms already aching and you collapse on your bed, you finally know what intensive training is. Oh yeah.

Understand very quickly the importance of having your own gloves.

Sometimes even the odor survives in the shower and in several fierce hand cleanings.

Then neither one nor two, one goes to buy gloves very to oneself, with the smell well to oneself.

  • Feel an adrenaline rush when you get to the boxing room.

We climb the stairs of the gymnasium at full speed by grabbing the rusty railing, the smell of petrolatum is stronger and stronger and the screams of the coach are heard … it’s time for ‘Put on her gloves.

This is the kickboxing course: a set of small signals that announce an intense course and which trigger an inimitable adrenaline rush.

  • After years of experience, only understand now what the rope to jump, the real one.

They are away from the jump rope and elastic games from the primary school playground! Oh that they are far away! (“Mi-SSI-SSI-pi!” Do you remember?)

Your reunion with the jump rope is tough: ten minutes is enough to get you knockout while the actual boxing course has not even begun.

Still, you lend yourself to exercise with as much excitement as when you ate little butter while playing dogs.

  • Feel invincible when walking down the street.

Since you kickboxing, you never walk down the street without being in rhythm with “She’s a maniac, maniac on-the-floor” or “It’s the eye of the tie iii Iger, it’s the thrill of the fight, Sing-up “.

You are confident in you, unfolded, appeased, powerful at will! #GirlPower!

The emotion of the first high kick.

The high kick, as the name suggests, this is a shot high up, aimed face. It’s like the Everest for the mountaineer, like the Grail for the Knights of the Round Table, like the cherry on the cake, in short, that’s the ultimate goal of any budding kickboxer.

Not necessarily because it is the blow most valued by the discipline, on the contrary. Rather because the sensation of carrying this blow with all her body, from the bust to the foot through the hips, is absolutely divine. Not true?

  • Savor more and more the technique during the sessions.

With the experience, one gets better and better to perceive the sensations of kickboxing.

The body that swings to pass a right hook bright and fast, hip pivots to give a furtive kick, the forehand that leaves far behind the back … So many little technical pleasures that only seasoned boxers have The pleasure of savoring.

  • The sensation of ridicule that occurs during the shadow exercises.

The shadow boxing, shadow for the intimate, is an exercise that consists of quickly chaining the movements of boxing, but all alone, and in the void.

Then, of necessity, the first time, one feels particularly awkward, even ridiculous.

You are trying desperately to imitate the gestures of your neighbor’s run-in to exercise, in vain.

  • Do everything to best apply the coach’s advice.

Since you kickboxing, you re-engage with your classmate’s first past that wants to do well and get liked by the coach (it’s also quite possible that you totally discover that part of you For that matter).

Kickboxing is not a hard fight, it is a technical and tactical sport where the objective is above all to anticipate the gestures of the opponent. No place for casualness and casualness. It’s good, you’ve never been such a good student!

  • Spill her bottle of water after trying to open it without removing her gloves.

One word: #Fail.

  • To miss (really) coordination on some of the links.

It’s like in French boxing, when you are told to chain left-handed, forehand, whip back leg and turning reverse: too much information lead to a gibberish of which you alone have the secret.

Reassure, it happens to the best!

  • No longer know if one is in classical dance or kickboxing during the exercises of jumped kicks.

Managing a kick is no easy task. So kick a jump, let’s not talk about it. Each time, you feel like chaining dance steps absolutely unsightly, like the hippopotamus star dancer Fantasia.

Hang on, it’s in “jumping kick”, that you master the jumped kick!

  • Know how to accept blows.

The kickboxing consists of giving blows, but giving is receiving. The lesson is hard to accept at first, especially when the opponent is a friend. But that’s it, the beauty of boxing: a noble sport and fair play par excellence.

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