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The Right Way To Start A Detox Diet

The Right Way To Start A Detox Diet

Are you ready to start a detox diet? Serenity, energy and choice foods will be the keys to success in removing toxins from your body. Discover the different steps that will help you start your detox cure.

A detox diet cannot be improvised.

To guide you, here are some important rules to apply to the letter.

Remove enemies from the detox

The proteins require too much work processing -digestion- while the body is already mobilized to clean up at full speed. Another disadvantage is that they generate toxins. detox diet Lipids and salt do not promote the melting of fats and aqueous infiltration of tissues.

Focus on detoxifying plants

They clean the emunctories (a sort of ultra-sophisticated treatment plant that detoxifies the body). Their antioxidants compensate for the harmful effects of toxins while preserving the mineral balance and providing the essential nutrients and their fibers facilitate transit and increase satiety.

  • Artichoke

It is the essential purifier. It increases the production of bile – + 127% in 30 minutes – which carries the toxins to the intestines and makes the fats soluble.

  • Black Radish

It disengages and filters the gallbladder.

  • Watercress

It boosts the secretion of detoxification enzymes and boosts the regeneration of red blood cells.

  • Garlic

To kill pollutants (lead and mercury), whether they have been breathed (tobacco, air) or swallowed. Its sulfur derivatives also make it a purifier and intestinal antibacterial. Remove the germ to make it digestible.

  • The Carrot

It liquefies the bile, which favors its evacuation.

  • Broccoli and Cabbage

Liver detoxifiers, also neutralize nitrosamines, toxic from cigarette smoke. As a bonus, it contains vitamin C aircraft claire (75mg per 100g). Cook them without a lid so that the sulfur evaporates.

  • Beet

Stimulates the breakdown of fatty acids nested in the liver and attacks waste. Try it raw grated or grilled.

  • Ginger

Dope the secretion of gastric juices and optimizes digestibility. As a bonus, its assets revitalize. Fresh or infused (500mg powder or 2g grated 10min in a bowl of boiling water, then filtered). They are kept for two days in the fridge, then their vitamin and mineral content is reduced. We can alternate with the frozen, just as rich in nutrients. The raw is as much preferred as the cooked (steam, broth, soup) unless our intestines are fragile (in this case, we go to 2/3 cooked for 1/3 raw).

Opt For Diuretic And Depolluting Foods

  • asparagus

Increases the volume of urine and thus the rate of elimination of impurities.

  • Celery

Hunts water retention and drains the digestive system.

  • The cucumber

Dislodges old encrusted waste provided it is absorbed without disgorging it because its compounds are in its water.

  • Fennel

Assists the liver and bile functions.

  • Leek and onion

Regulate the excess water and their high fiber purifies the intestine.

  • Raspberries (fresh or frozen)

Promote elimination of uric acid and overall drainage.

  • The Kiwi

Eliminates toxins from alcohol.

  • Melon (fresh or frozen)

Highly diuretic and laxative releases the intestines.

  • Rhubarb (fresh or frozen)

Promotes the circulation of water and disengages the tissues.

  • Blackcurrant (fresh or frozen)

Neutralizes chemical and drug impurities and boosts kidney elimination. Also in drops of Gemmotherapy, macerates of fresh buds, in herbalism.

  • Herbs and detox condiments

To detoxify and purify: fresh rosemary, frozen or infused. To de-infiltrate and remove residues (urea, uric acid, chlorides): orthosiphon, Pilosella, hibiscus, and horsetail. These plants stimulate the kidneys without tiring them. We deflate legs like belly. In infusion or phyto capsules.

  • Green soup with herbs

Recipe: Mix only half of the vegetables and add the rest in large pieces, more satiating.

Fry 3 onions and 3 cloves of minced garlic in a casserole with 1 lemon juice + 5 zucchini + 3 artichoke hearts + 4 leek whites (the green makes it boil) + 4 handfuls of green beans + 3 turnips + 4 rosemary branches + 1 bunch parsley, 1 coriander (or frozen equivalent).

  • Detox broth

Recipe: in a Dutch oven, cover with 3 L of water the pieces of: 1 green cabbage + 3 leeks + 4 celery stems + 2 fennel bulbs + 3 carrots + 3 onions + 3 sliced garlic cloves +3 branches of thyme + parsley. Season with lemon juice.

  • Detox juice

Recipe: To mix in a blender: 2 watercress boots + 1 lemon juice + 2 apples + 1 organic lemon with zest + 1 orange juice + 1 grapefruit juice + 1 garlic clove +1 tsp. to c. of olive oil + 2 cooked beets +2 apples +2 kiwis.

In 1L of water: 1 lemon juice +1 pinch of ginger +1 cayenne pepper +3 tbsp. to c. of agave syrup.

  • Green Tea

Five cups a day minimum so that its polyphenols activate the enzymes anti-toxins of the liver and trigger the melting of fats. Opt for the Japanese, the most richly endowed: Sencha, gyokuro, matcha.

Treat yourself to relaxing detoxifying treatments

The steam bath is ideal for sweating is a must to remove skin and lung toxins.

Plunge into a bath with 2 cups of cider vinegar, or throw a gauze containing 1 handful of cloves + 2 handfuls of coarse salt. Or we do a steam room. On leaving, we relax 20 min drinking an infusion.

We breathe with the walk! Oxygen is a powerful detoxifier and physical activity activates the lymphatic system. However, we breathe superficially, unlike babies.

Walk 30 to 45 minutes. Regularly, one inhales then expires deeply the time to count until 5 each time. Plus: the viscera are massaged by the diaphragm, which decongests the intestines subject to bloating.

The starter menu of the detox diet

Upon waking: 2 purifying juices of your choice, 1 juice of aloe vera or birch, 20 minutes before breakfast.

Breakfast: 1 green tea + 2 kiwis or 1 plate of raspberries + 1 large glass of detox juice (to be chosen below).

Snack: 1 green tea or 1 detox infusion (orthosiphon, ginger, hibiscus, rosemary …) + 4 slices of black radish or 1 bowl of sprouted seeds + 1 bowl of broth. As soon as you are hungry, take some broth.

Lunch and dinner: 1 lemon juice + lukewarm water. 1 large bowl of soup with pieces (see below) + 1 to 2 plates of raw vegetables and cooked with herbs (see below) + 1 green tea + 1 fruit for lunch.

Taste: 1 detox herbal tea or 1 detox juice + 3 prunes or 1 stalk of celery or 1 carrot sticks with grated ginger + 1 bowl of broth.

In the evening: infusion at will.

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