Thyroid & Your Food For Health

If you go in the root of thyroid disease then you would see that it is some kind of iodine defiance and you can actually deal it with the iodine supplements or food that can supply the good amounts of iodine so let’s try some foods that can help your deficiencies.


Iodized Salt:

According to some old wives iodized salt is best to fulfill the iodine deficiency, basically they recommended this to all those pregnant women that get iodine deficiency in their pregnancies, but then Govt. stopped it for health reasons and other issues, but now people and expert say that this is one of the best thing that you can do to get the full amount of essential amount of iodine and other healthy minerals, but if you don’t have high blood pressure then you can give it a try and see if it work for you.

Iodized Salt

Celiac, Gluten and Wheat:

I know that things are far horrible now and many of you cannot use many healthy things due to many other disease or disorders, like you can use Celiac, Gluten and Wheat for your thyroid but if you can tolerate them well, these things are really very good for your disorder, but if you fear that it can actually irritate other issues of your health then ask your physician first before starting anything new , you should know the main aim of your life first, make things work properly and try to reduce the symptoms and impacts.

High-Fiber Foods:

If you want to make your metabolism run as fast as it can then eat healthy and good fiber, many thyroid patients always complain about constipation, and extra weight and if you are one of those then this is the best answer for you, start eating good and healthy food that can help your digestive system and when it will make your digestive system run faster you will lose weight on proper levels, but make sure that things are working for your benefits cause while you are dealing with thyroid things response differently form one person to another Mini-Meals.

I feel really sorry for all of use, I know that diet experts say that small meals or six meals a day can help you losing weight and if you think that you can try that too to lose weight then you are wrong and you are doing something absolutely wrong, you cannot make your metabolism run faster with that, you are just adding too much in your stomach and this is going to make you fatter so just eat good and healthy to ditch this horrible disease.


Last but not the least, you got to drink lots of water, cold, running, regular or the way you like, you have to drink lots of water and you need to know that this is one of the most powerful thing for thyroid patients and you can actually handle your mood swing and depression with that and at the same time it will help your weight gain too and will help you lose some weight.

Greek Diet For Weight Loss

As we talked earlier that Greeks are those who brought beauty in food and which linked food with beauty and we talked about things that Greeks use to use for beauty purpose and we promised that we will share Greek diet with you so here we are with Greek food for you to lose weight in healthy way without losing health.

The Greek diet, also known as the Mediterranean Diet, which was introduced in USA for first time to get some health benefits as we all know that USA is the worst nation heath wise and they try a lot to get some healthy life style for their nation so they introduced this and you know why when we will share the details with you ” Greek diet for weight loss.

Greek Diet

Greek Diet For Weight Loss Tips

Greek Diet Pyramid:- we know what diet pyramid is and how we use it so I would not waste time with that and start about the diet straight , although it is a bit different, but I am sure you would figure it out.

The Mediterranean Diet pyramid will show a layer with basic daily physical activities, the bottom layer includes bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, couscous, polenta in one word the rich source of fiber and carbohydrates and all whole grains and according to this diet plan you should eat as much these food as much you can, and over this layer you would see a layer full with group fruits, vegetables beans and nuts.

You should eat them daily but in moderation, fats are really very good for your health reasons, Fats, olive oil, and dairy products like cheese and yogurt are very important to eat and they have their own health reasons to eat, Greek diet for weight loss thinks that you need to eat good thing and they are not harmful but the way you cook them or the way you eat them are dangerous , then in the top portion of the pyramid you will see some fatty foods including some fatty fishes, poultry, eggs and sweets and they think you can eat them but no more than one in a weekly or three time a month so if you want to live a happy healthy life you got to follow these rules and these food style.

Greek Diet

Or drinks they think that you should drink just water, don’t consume any kind of bad or hard drink and drink plain or cold water and you can drink one small glass of wine in the evening or in diner but stay in limits then you can enjoy everything you want.

Now let me show you a small glim of Greek culture so you can see why they are so beautiful and calm, not only from their looks but they are beautiful inside too, they are loving and careful people. If you have any Greek friend then try to visit their home town once in a life time for some weeks and you will see how hardworking and loving they are, they cook like they worship, smooth and simple they eat fresh food every time. They don’t use leftovers and in my opinion they cook according to their requirement.

They grow their own food mostly or they use things grown by some of their family members or someone who lives in the same area so they know what they are eating and who is growing that. They use their lands for milk, eggs, animals and other foods and they make their own oils, cheese and they are living in the same type of time and they still live the same.

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