Tips To Lose Weight Without Exercise

Losing weight without exercise requires a lot of self discipline and a change in your eating habits, you cannot say that I will eat all the rubbish and all the snakes my country have in the stores and I am not even ready to get in gym to burn that and I want to lose my weight, that is impossible, not even a Genie can make this happen, you need some miracle.

Lose Weight

First of all you need to understand that when we eat we need to burn that and if we don’t do that or we cannot and we don’t have time for that then you need to stop eating that kind of food that requires efforts to burn, like if you don’t have time for gym then eat healthy foods, fresh fruits, lots of water and lots of healthy juices and we are going to share a brilliant diet plan and you need to stick with that and you will lose weight, for sure, but you need to be focused and you need to be determined and focused.

lose weight

Okay we will start with fruits, you need to understand that when you start diet you can start with drastic measures cause your body has lots of fat that it can use in first week and that is the plan we are going to burn as much as we want during the first week so eat fruits and nothing else at all, they are rich source of fiber and other minerals, but you need to kill your craving at all, you will get all the minerals and vitamins you need form these fruits so stop feeling deprived and you are allow to eat fruits.

Now you are instructed to drink lots of water before every meal and drink till you feel full, absolutely full, I am not saying that drink one glass of water or two it is up to you, when you feel hungry, drink water and after 45 minutes you can eat food, but make sure you are eating healthy and balanced food.

If you are eating two or one big meal then let me tell you that it is giving you a big balloon tummy divide your meals in three to four small meals you can try that make a plate of your regular food and eat a bit and then keep it and then after 2 hours eat some and then keep it for next 2 hours and add two snakes in your day and three cups of green tea with may be one or two ginger or whole wheat biscuits and that will make your metabolism run on the max level of speed.

Don’t eat after 6-7 o clock it is up to you when you can fix that time, but nothing after 7 at all, you have to stop eating when your body stop working and according to a research body stop working after 12 hours and take a 10 hours break, but then need to provide it something to start working so eat breakfast

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