Top 4 Daily habits to help you burn more calories effortlessly


4 Daily habits to help you burn more calories effortlessly if sports and diet are not yours. How to lose weight without dieting?

Each of us at least once asked the question: how to keep the body in good shape, if a tight schedule, work, family, and other daily worries do not allow observing the regularity and the necessary frequency of training, and ultimately denying ourselves gastronomic pleasures is tantamount to torture? Here are some subtle and easy-to-follow tricks that will help you get four steps closer to your goals.

1. Use the cold:

Sun deficiency is common for most people in northern latitudes, but few of us have ever suffered from a cold deficit.

Use the cold to your advantage – it’s been proven that a few minutes of exposure to cold temperatures can replace a total workout! When shivering from the cold, our body activates the waste of energy and the production of heat, trying to maintain body temperature, which stimulates the burning of calories and reduces white fat reserves.

In winter, no questions arise, but where to look for the cold in the abnormal summer heat? The way out is cryotherapy, a procedure aimed at treating a cold.

A simple cold shower is also great.: Dip in cold water for a couple of minutes and repeat the procedure several times. To get started, do this practice at least once a week, gradually moving to more frequent repetitions.

Try not to overdo it, and do not force yourself to be in extreme cold for too long to avoid hypothermia. Best of all – short periods in the cold with several repetitions.

Daily habits

2. Go to the sauna or take a hot bath:

You probably know about the benefits of frequent trips to the sauna. One of them is the acceleration of metabolism.

To achieve the best effect, it is recommended to spend 20 minutes in the sauna and repeat the heat treatment several times a week. Alternatively, a hot bath is ideal for those who do not have the opportunity to use the sauna regularly. To achieve the desired sauna effect, the water temperature should be as high as possible.

We offer you to combine business with pleasure and arrange a full-fledged spa ritual by adding sea ​​salt, essential oils, herbs, and other additives to the water.

3. Drink coffee before exercise:

Caffeine has proven to be a powerful performance-enhancing agent. Great news for coffee lovers: Research has shown that a small serving of coffee (a cup of espresso) half an hour before training promotes more active fat burning due to the release of adrenaline – what is not a reason to drink healthy filter coffee and go for a walk?

4. Go to bed earlier:

Late wakefulness often ends with a “tragic” seizure of the stress accumulated during the day, because for many, food is a way to relax after a busy day at work.

To avoid the nighttime temptation to look in the refrigerator for something tasty, go to bed earlier. This small but effective trick will not only help you effortlessly dodge excess calorie intake and morning swelling but also establish good sleep patterns and finally start getting enough sleep. In addition, going to bed early will prolong the fasting phase, allowing your body to rest and trigger cell repair, detoxification, fat loss, and muscle gain entirely.



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