Top 5 reasons why excessive intake of sugar might get you into problem


Sugar is almost everywhere in the sweet things or even in the things that are not too sweet.  Sugar is an integral part of everyone’s diet.  But do you know, sugar is not a necessary dietary component acne sugar mills have made an artificial demand for sugar to earn profits?

Here are five reasons why excessive sugar intake might have an ill effect on your health.

1. Main cause of weight gain – Obesity is a worldwide concern for humanity, and sugar-related eatables and drinks are considered one of the significant causes behind weight gain.  Fructose, a kind of simple sugar, increases an urge to eat more and more and an urge to drink more sugary drinks, which would make you fat.

2. Bad for your skin – Foods with a high glycemic index are likely to increase androgen secretion and oil-related inflammation in your body, resulting in acne and skin-related issues.

3. Might cause depression and stress – Although eating sweets and sugary stuff would give you temporary joy and a feeling of satisfaction, it might prove to be one of the major causes of mood-related issues and depression in the long term.  Consuming many cakes, sweets and pastries would ultimately result in a significantly greater risk of depression in both men and women.

4. Bad impact on dental health and development of gout – Too much sugar intake would increase your risk of developing dental cavities as the bacteria in your mouth reacts with sugar to release acid as a byproduct.  An inflammatory disease, namely gout, which causes painful joints, is likely to occur with excessive sugary foods.  Both development and worsening of gout have been noted in people having too much sugar.  Untimely aging due to lack of movement would ultimately make you feel miserable in the long run.

5. Might cause fatty liver and diabetes mellitus type 2 – Over the last few years, increased cases of diabetes have been noted worldwide.  There has been a clear-cut link found between diabetes-related risk and excessive sugar intake.  Secondary causes such as obesity, high blood pressure have also been noted.  Studies have shown that increased intake of sugar-sweetened juices and beverages has increased diabetes risk in humans.

Sugary products can be avoided to a great extent by replacing them with something else you like eating, like fruits, dried fruits, coconut water, and things like that.  Abstaining sugary stuff might feel like a tricky thing to do, but slowly and steadily reducing the portions might do the job.  For instance, if you feel like eating a pastry after opening your fridge, do it.  But why eat the whole thing?  You can eat some today and leave another portion for maybe your sibling.  Tongue knows they taste only for a few seconds, so cutting bits is better than stop eating it altogether.

Hence, beware of this sweet killer who might tempt you for a short term but ultimately would make you regret why you got attracted to such temptations.  Thank you for reading my article.



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