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What is a good exercise to do daily?

What is a good exercise to do daily

Exercise is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle, but it can also be difficult to fit it into your already busy day. It doesn’t have to be that way, though! With the right exercise, you can easily fit in a short routine that will help keep you healthy and energized. In this blog post, we’ll cover some of the best exercises to do daily and how they can benefit your health. From stretching and strength training to cardio and more, read on to learn how you can make exercise part of your everyday life.

The benefits of exercise

There are many benefits of exercise, including weight loss, improved mental health, increased energy levels, and more.

Exercise can help improve your overall health, reduce stress, improve mood, increase energy levels, strengthen bones and muscles, reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, improve cognitive function, increase self-confidence and self-esteem, help manage weight and improve sleep. Exercise also helps to maintain a healthy weight, reduce fatigue, improve digestion and boost immunity. Additionally, regular exercise can help to build strong relationships with friends and family as it can be a great way to connect and bond with others. So, make sure you make time for exercise in your daily life and reap the countless benefits!

The different types of exercises

There are many different types of exercises that you can do to stay healthy. Some exercises are better for your heart, while others may be better for your lungs. Here are some different types of exercises that you can do to stay healthy:

1. Cardio exercises: These exercises are great for your heart health. They include activities like walking, running, and biking.

2. Strength-training exercises: These exercises help build muscle and improve bone density. They include activities like lifting weights and doing squats.

3. Flexibility exercises: These exercises improve your range of motion and prevent injuries. They include activities like yoga and stretching.

4. Balance exercises: These exercises help improve your balance and coordination. They include activities like Tai Chi and Pilates.

What is the best time to exercise?

There is no definitive answer to this question as everyone’s schedules and fitness goals vary. However, many experts recommend exercising in the morning before breakfast. This allows you to burn more calories throughout the day and jump start your metabolism. If morning workouts are not possible, try to schedule your exercise for later in the day and make sure to give yourself at least an hour to digest after eating.

How often should you exercise?

Assuming you are talking about moderate to intense exercise, most experts recommend that adults should participate in some form of it at least 5 days out of the week for 30 minutes or more. However, this number can vary based on an individual’s goals and starting fitness level. If you are new to working out, you may want to start with 3 days a week and gradually increase the frequency as your body becomes more adjusted. Remember to listen to your body and don’t push yourself too hard—overtraining can lead to injuries.

The best exercises to do daily

There are a lot of different exercises that you can do daily to stay healthy and fit. However, some exercises are better than others when it comes to overall health and fitness. Here are the best exercises to do every day:

1. Walking: Walking is a great way to get your heart rate up and to get some exercise without putting too much strain on your body. It’s also easy to do anywhere, whether you’re at the park or around your neighborhood.

2. Yoga: Yoga is a great way to stretch and tone your muscles, as well as improve your balance and flexibility. There are many different yoga poses that you can do, so it’s easy to find a routine that works for you.

3. Strength Training: Strength-training not only helps to build muscle, but can also help to reduce body fat. You can do strength-training exercises using your own body weight, dumbbells, or resistance bands.

4. Interval Training: Interval training alternates between periods of high-intensity activity and low-intensity activity. This type of exercise is great for improving cardiovascular endurance and burning calories efficiently.

5. Pilates: Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses on strengthening the core muscles of the body (abs, back, and hips). It’s a great workout for those who want to improve their posture and alleviate back pain.


Exercising daily is key to a healthy lifestyle. We have discussed the importance of doing aerobic exercise and strength training for overall health benefits. Walking, running, jogging, cycling and swimming are great options for aerobic workouts while push-ups, squats and planks are good bodyweight exercises that can be done at home or in the gym. The important thing is to find an activity you enjoy so that it will stay part of your routine. With dedication and consistency, you can achieve your fitness goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle!

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