Have you ever been through this? You are in the middle of your bedtime, but then your Baby, which is supposed to be ideally relaxed, puts your back on the spot, stands out from you, cries, and sleeps in any way I can fight with her.

Why Do Babies Fight During Their Sleep

This is a problem that many of you face, based on a number of recent Helpdesk questions. That’s why we’re going to discuss the most three common reasons why your baby is fighting sleep, in addition to 5 helpful solutions.

The Reasons Why Your Baby Is Fighting Sleep:

Baby is Exhausted

baby tired
baby tired

This is the most common reason why your baby is fighting sleep. Simply put, a baby becomes so tired when you miss his sleep window, that moment when he is drowsy enough to fall asleep quickly, but not so tired that he started crying and put him down for a nap or for bed too late. It’s weird, I know, but the Baby can be so tired that it can’t fall asleep so easily.

The Baby Is Not as Tired as Going To Bed

 When your Baby is in sleep, rewind, and thinks about how much time your Baby has spent. Babies definitely need short wake times during the day; a lot of toddlers are capable to stay awake for a long period of time. In our experience, a toddler who is actually fighting sleep may not be tired enough to sleep.

The Baby is Worried That His Parents Will say Goodbye

Segregation anxiety usually does not suggest most parents 9 or 10 months ago, it is more part of the Regression and sleep loss of 8/9/10 months. But when it attacks, it can lead to your baby fighting sleep definitely!  This separation anxiety usually lasts up to 18 months and can be repeated in about 2 years.

Is your Baby struggling for sleep? Here are some solutions :

The question of why my Baby is struggling for sleep can be stressful and frustrating but makes it easier to solve it very easily.

Change Bedtime to Either an Earlier or a Later Time in The Evening:

If your baby fights sleep because of the over fatigue, then changing bedtime to an earlier point in the evening can really be helpful. You can even try to shorten your bedtime a little. Shorter routines can help your Baby to feel so relaxed and sleepy, and make sure that you keep your Baby too long before going to bed.

Set a Nap Routine

sleeping baby
sleeping baby

Many of you have a solid bedtime routine without any doubt, but a lot of parents fail to notice the nap routine. In our experience, a nap Routine can help a Baby or a Baby to fall asleep quickly after a complete and entertaining game. If your Baby is struggling during NAP, sleep, think that it has a hard time going from NAP, and then try it with a soothing relaxation NAP Routine. Just make sure to keep it on the short side, 1 story, and a quick lullaby is great solution.

Control your baby’s diet and sleep plan to have more or less time to wake up.

If you’re wondering, Why is my baby fighting sleep, the answer is you need to make some schedule adjustments. Too tired babies can make too little or no nap. On the contrary, a less tired Baby at Nap and Bedtime may be willing to take a nap or sleep later.

Provide Your Kid a Little Space

This does not work in all situations, but mainly for infants. It does not hurt to bring the child to bed when the baby or toddler leaves her during nap or before bedtime. However, take a break for small children.

If your baby is older, you can try to leave the room for a few minutes and try it again later. It’s not punishment, it’s just that you respect your baby’s emotions and give him a room where he looks the way he wants. Have you ever suffered from it? We are happy if you tell us your story.


  1. Oh God, my baby suck at sleeping. Ever since I gave birth to the child every night has been as been a nightmare the baby fights at different segment of the night. He keeps waking you up at night and he will cry and fight with reluctant attitudes to go back to sleep.
    Please I need help it’s driving me crazy.

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